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WatchDog Editor opinion notes: Evelyn Pringle was sucked in by Eric Scheibeler who did an Ebook "Merchants of Deception" about his supposed terrible Amway experience.  It was later found the main reason was he was starting his own MLM Company.  Also in later litigation he admitted that perhaps some to quite a bit of it was "not quite accurate.  Pringle has hundreds maybe 1000's of words written about Evil Amway per Scheibeler and she hasn't taken down the fraud or noted it! 

Subj:re: doug wead
Date:1/18/2005 6:13:29 AM. Eastern Standard Time

Do not, I repeat do not, contact me again. I do not associate with anyone connected to that war the soldiers or the profiteering murderer that you helped put in the White House.


Evelyn Pringle wrote:

Doug Wead
January 17, 2005
Evelyn Pringle
Dear Ms. Pringle:

Your article in Independent Media TV contains a number of false statements about me that are quite serious in nature. This is to kindly ask you to remove your article from the internet and that you issue a retraction in any printed publication. I would have been pleased to talk to you or any of your sources if you had only contacted me. I am easy to find at

This is to further request that you advise me on how to reach those who have passed this false information onto you so that I can have them also make corrections. If you are unwilling to do this would you kindly advise them that they can contact me directly?
The false information in your article is as follows:

1. You state that Mr. Jean Godzich and I began an Amway business in France.

2. You state that Mr. Jean Godzich and I began a new multi-level marketing business called the GEPM.

3. You say that the French government issued a warrant for my arrest and that I have not returned to France since.

I did not start an Amway business with Jean Godzich in France. This fact can be (and should have been) confirmed through the Amway Corporation. I never started a multi-level marketing business or any other business with Jean Godzich, either here in the United States or in France. This fact can be (and should have been) easily confirmed through GEPM now There is not now and never has been a warrant for my arrest in France. This fact can be (and should have been) confirmed through the French Embassy in the United States or through the entity in France you claim issued such a warrant. I can come and go to France as I wish.

Finally, there are many other mistakes in your article, for example. I am not now and never have been a Baptist evangelist but the most serious errors are related to your false charges of business activity in France. My relationship with Mr. Godzich and the GEPM was primarily as a friend and conference speaker.

Again, this is to kindly request that you remove your article from the internet, that you issue a retraction in any printed publication, and that you inform me of the source of the false information so I can correct it. I am sure you would want such a courtesy extended to you if you were the victim of such an article.

I can be reached at the above address.  Thank you sincerely.

Doug Wead