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Jimmy Phipps Death = Prison or Death = Getting Out?

  Ed. Note: Jimmy (James) Phipps has appealed his case, congratulations on hiding the money to do that!  Also this was virtually a death sentence at his age.  Fat change at winning SEE CHARGES BELOW! Also might be death sentence to get out!  SEE BELOW!

U.S. Department of Justice
                       United States Attorney's Office
                       Northern District of Texas
                       1100 Commerce St.
                       3rd Floor
                       Dallas, TX 75242-1699
                       Phone:  (800) 496-8341
                       Fax:  (214) 659-8815

September 02, 2008

RE:  United States v. Defendant(s) JAMES RAY PHIPPS
Case Number 2002R01294 and Court Docket Number 08-10831

The United States Department of Justice believes it is important to keep victims of federal crime informed of court proceedings.  This notice provides information about the above-referenced criminal case.
An appeal has been filed in the case which involves defendant(s) JAMES RAY PHIPPS. The process may take some time before a final decision is reached. An appeal is a legal proceeding by which a case is brought before a higher court for review of the decision made by the lower court.  You will be notified of the outcome.

United States Attorney

Lisa Shedden
Victim Witness Coordinator

The News Is Long Time Scammer Jimmy Is Off To Club Fed!
Jimmie Phipps was sentenced on August 12,2008 to 17.5 years in the Federal Pen. He is in the Federal Facility at Seagonville,Tx. He also has 3 year supervised probation once released. His hearing on the fines he will have to pay will be at a later date.

The bad news is he has flipped on about 1000 fools that played his game!
They get to go to jail Too!  Did You Join?

James "Jimmy" Ray Phipps (started Life Without Debt ) has been arrested by the Feds and had a court date April 23, 07. Below are his 22 charges.  . His Federal court information is USA v. James Ray Phipps. Case number 2002R01294 and Court Docket Number 3:06-CR-114-M

Civil forfeiture 1
Mail Fraud - Frauds and swindles     3
Fraud by wire, radio, or television           1
Laundering of monetary instruments        13
Attempt to evade or defeat tax   3
Attempts to interfere with admin of tax l  1

Guess what?  If you joined "Life without Debt" your name is in the hands of the FED's and the IRS!