DALLAS, April 26 2011 – bHIP Global, Inc. an international network marketing and distribution company with worldwide operations in over 18 countries including Asia, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore, Australia and Japan, announced today that it has strategically acquired key assets of Ceregenex, Inc., a science-driven direct sales company based in the US.  Together, these companies plan greater global expansion into North America and worldwide markets.

bHIP Global, Inc. was formed in 2007 and has developed a solid and proven infrastructure.  Sales last year topped $46 Million, with projected sales of $75-$100 Million this year.  The company’s rapid growth has taken place primarily in global markets.  With the acquisition of the Ceregenex Sales Team, bHIP Global, Inc. plans further expansion into the North American market with a revolutionary new product concept and pay plan.

As part of the acquisition, bHIP Global attains the entire Ceregenex sales force and customer database, as well as their proprietary product, AIO Premium Cellular Health, and other products containing the revolutionary patented ingredient AC-11®.

“This acquisition marks a fundamental shift that changes the philosophy of the industry,” said Terry LaCore, CEO of bHIP Global, Inc.  “We are extremely excited to have the Ceregenex team on board as we pursue greater expansion in North America.”

bHIP Global continues to work on a variety of collaborative activities with the goal of advancing scientific products through their network marketing distribution channels worldwide.  As part of this plan, bHIP Global also finalized an agreement for expansive long-term rights in the direct sales industry for AC-11® and Activar, its proprietary skin care with Optigenex Inc.  AC-11® is a highly prized intellectual property, supported by 7 patents, and an eighth pending, including patents on DNA repair, inflammation, manufacturing and composition, among others.

To officially launch North America, bHIP Global held a conference call on Sunday, April 24, at 6pm PT/9pm ET, announcing the details to all of its members.  One of the first exciting planned initiatives for members is a one-day bHIP Global University in Dallas, TX, on June 18, 2011.



January17, 2011. Melissa, Texas. bHIP  Gobal, Inc is excited to announce the strategic acquisition of Velocity International Marketing, LLC, and welcomes the Velocity family.  Both bHIP and Velocity have experienced record revenues for 2010 in their respective markets within Asia.  The combined distributor forces allows for the marketing of their products in 20 markets worldwide. Velocity and bHIP are a perfect match as together they have positioned themselves to take S.E. Asia by storm.  bHIP will now have a strong foothold in S.E. Asian markets that have recently become some of the fastest growing network marketing areas in the world.  The similarity in the philosophy motivating the leaders of both companies allows for unparalleled support of those distributors diligently working to expand the combined distributor network.   bHIP and Velocity believe that the combination of the experience of the two companies will allow for extensive expansion together, that neither could achieve as quickly alone.

Texas Freedom Fighter Professional Background

Terry LaCore (the Texas Freedom Fighter) brings to bear his impressive history in direct sales and multilevel marketing, commanding more than 15 years of experience at leading firms in the United States and elsewhere. As a result of his tireless efforts and business development strategies, Terry LaCore helped bHIP Global grow into a vast network of distributors and management personnel, maintaining a presence in 30 countries worldwide. Over the last three years, entrepreneur Terry LaCore turned energy drinks distributor bHIP Global into one of the major companies in its field. Founding bHIP Global in 2007, Terry LaCore, as Chief Executive Officer, launched a multi-faceted campaign to build his organization into a major player in the energy drink industry in North America, Central America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia-Pacific region. In his role as CEO of bHIP Global Terry LaCore has Never given up fighting for the little guy and gal in Network Marketing.  Ed Note: When Amway tried bullying around some of their little Distributors Mr. LaCore took up their cause in court.  This gained him the nickname of Texas Freedom Fighter.

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