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Nov 2009 - In August 2009, The Federal District Court required infomercial pitchman Donald W. Barrett, Robert Maihos and their two companies — Direct Marketing Concepts Inc. and ITV Direct Inc. — to pony up for false advertising.  Now the Federal Court of Appeals has said, “PAY.”
Big fine that that the marketing group behind the “Coral Calcium” scam hit with in Federal District Court has now been supported by the Federal Court of Appeals.  $48.2 million dollars confirmed for the infomercial marketing group to pay.  The court of Appeals cited passages from an infomercial where Trudeau set up a supposed expert (Robert Barefoot) to give misleading information.
Kevin Trudeau hawked the hyper jive benefits of coral-derived calcium on TV, settling the FTC claim for $2 million and a ban from making infomercials for products other than books. The FTC action that led to the appeal by other defendants was brought in 2004.  Editors Note: This is the action that caused Barrett to shut down his MLM Company ITV that many MLMers were in.  Read Below Sept 2008.

Kevin Trudeau New Infomercial LAUNCHED
Aug 2009 - The WatchDog just saw the new infomercial. What is in the other book with it- Home business opportunities you can make $5000 a month with?  What MLM Companies are listed? 


Kevin Trudeau has been ordered to pay $37m for making false claims about weight loss in a book.
Jan 2009 - According to Judge Robert Gettleman of the US District Court for the Northern District of Illionois, Trudeau had violated a previous stipulated order by misrepresenting the content of his book ‘The weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About’.  $37 million?  Vendetta?


10 Sept 2008 -- Ur Editors Opinion analysis on shutdown below: Barrett needs to come up with $55 million to pay the FTC for hit (see below).  New safer NON MLM model and more cash flow to Barrett.  Distributor Rights Association being deluged with complaints.

Oct 3, 2008 -- ITV will close doors on Distributors, a new corporation Elite Virtual Services will take over from ITV to take calls no more ITV MLM!   Distributors keep Customers.  Switch is for current Distributors to keep customers by paying Elite Virtual Services $79.90 a month.  No MLM-NO Downline, Ouch!  Donald Barrett put out a release that Kevin Trudeau is banned from Infomercials for three years per FTC.  There will be a meeting of" Customer holders" (not distributors later this month).


$55,000,000 “Hit” ON ITV (MLM PARENT) AND OTHERS
1. WatchDog Reporter report: Donald Barrett owner of ITV and ITV Ventures told distributors on a conference call that this will be sorted out in 30 days and not to panic.

2. In the MLM Watch Dog’s opinion: Both cases (below) will be taken to the District Court of Appeals (taking years), unless an out of court settlement is made for less than $55mil, which may be likely.

Infomercials on “Coral Calcium” and “Greens” came home to roost after 4 years with the FTC seeking $55 million from the defendants below.  Why?  The FTC says that was the full amount of consumer sales for the two nutritional products.

U.S. District Court Federal Judge O’Toole concluded that the corporate defendants ITV Direct and Direct Marketing Concepts are liable for deceptive practices, plus the companies King Media Inc.(television time) and Triad ML Marketing Inc.(a processor).  The judge gave his opinion that Donald Barrett should be held individually liable because he was “the driving force behind both infomercials.  However the U.S. District Court did not specify how much the individuals owe because restitution can’t be calculated based on legal documents filed at this time.

The FTC sought nearly $55 million from the defendants for their alleged violations, a figure that represented the full amount of consumer sales derived from Coral Calcium Daily and Supreme Greens with MSM.  Judge O’Toole also dismissed a lawsuit Barrett filed against the FTC alleging the FTC  infringed his company’s right to due process under the Fifth Amendment and right to free speech.

Here we go again. Kevin is against banks that GIVE OUT TOO MUCH CREDIT..... err but the stuff he is selling at inflated prices... Is already around for FREE!  Duh!  Super suck as only Kevin Trudeau can do:  Consumers are right and they have been suckered into credit card debt Banks are evil!  He is an angel on infomercial's ran by Donald Barrett and ITV.  I can say a LOT OF STUPID PEOPLE MAY BENEFIT FROM THIS!  Seriously most consumers are STUPID! See the rest of the stuff below about Kevin, Coral Calcium, weight loss, ITV and the FTC!

Editors Comment: It seems like Kevin Trudeau, a famous Infomercial star,  is always in hot water with someone.  Many of the folks that were with Nutrition For Life blame him for demise of that great company! Why? Due to his stock manipulation and selling shaky high priced leads to new MLM distributors he recruited for Nutrition For Life.  In 2004, the FTC brought him to ground for making illegal claims for MLM Coral Calcium (and  others).  Kevin was associated with ITV on their pre-launch of their new MLM but ITV tossed him out because of the flack from his history.... Now a new saga!

Extract FTC Release: September 14, 2007

FTC: Marketer Kevin Trudeau Violated Prior Court Order
Charges Him with Misrepresenting Contents of Book

The Federal Trade Commission charged Kevin Trudeau with violating a previous court order by out right misrepresenting the contents of his new book:

The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About,”

During the Infomercial's BY ITV, Trudeau claims the  plan outlined in the book is easy to do, can be done at home, and ultimately allows readers to eat whatever they want. When consumers get the book, they find it describes a difficult fat reduction plan.

During the ITV produced Infomercial TV ads, Trudeau describes the weight-loss plan that the book is about: “’s easy to do, you can do it at home...”

According to the FTC, when consumers buy and read the book, they find it actually describes a complicated, expensive system involving (1) daily injections (2) specialized cleanses and supplements (3) severe food restrictions (4)  “fourth phase” of the protocol, which requires dietary restrictions that never end. The FTC says that Trudeau deceptively claimed his book established a weight-loss protocol that is “easy” to follow.

In court documents, the FTC pointed out that the first required phase of the protocol requires that consumers get daily injections of a prescription drug that is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for weight loss EXCEPT it can be used "off prescription" under a doctors supervision.  In addition you go on a 500 calorie a day diet for up to 45 days (who wouldn’t lose weight?)  The follow up portion of the diet would be a low carbo diet.  Over 70 reports to the MLM Watchdog from the field dispute some of this negative information from the FTC.

FTC History - Kevin Trudeau (Coral Calcium almost a Billion dollar run)  !!!
1998 – False = claims for hair growth
2003 – Coral Calcium =  false claims (see below 2004 settlement)
2003 - Biotape for pain relief  =  false claims
2004 – Settlement of $2 million with FTC and court order = “No Infomercials” except books. This resulted from The Coral Calcium Scam.  Read the FTC results below: The FTC brought this new action in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.  Claims for ITV Infomercials on Coral Calcium reached new heights -- cure cancer, life spam 108 years old, getting  MD's to write crap for them (money from books an M.D. sells their soul) and tons of B.S. (not a college degree).

Did you buy Trudea's Weight Loss Book?  Did you lose $1,000's in the Coral Calcium scam!  Do you have further information or an update?:  Submit here:

Full Lengthy Details from the FTC Press Release

BY Hal
Here we go again. The FTC, it's never ending battle with Kevin Trudeau and ITV. This is the same organization (the FTC) that allows all the lies and misrepresentations of Big Pharma slide, yet wants to squash people who try to speak out against them. I really don't think they are going to stop him, and it is a waste of taxpayer's money. The lid is slowly coming off the kettle on all the corruption and collusion going on between the gov't and Big Pharma, and this just turns the heat up a little. As for ITV "kicking out" Trudeau, that is really interesting. Seems to me he is still involved with them to the extent the "law" will allow.  Chalk me up as another Kevin Trudeau fan. I realize he has been in hot water in the past, but compared to what is going on in the U.S. gov't, I think I can live with that. At least the guy is trying to help people.

Doesn't’ it seem a bit odd that the FTC is going after Trudeau from the angle that his book is offering complete and responsible advice, but the promotion of the book is not truthful? Seems a bit odd from marketing a book. And they have in the past said his product claims were fraudulent, but now they are saying the promotion of his book misrepresents the ease and details of the program. (It may have, but it seems ironic that they are now trying to make the argument that what is in his book is more detailed and recommends people see a physician for care while losing weight using this system…. And Diet and Exercise…. )
Editors Note: Elements of truth in all above!  Thanks Hal & G.C.

Ed. Note: Kevin is my favorite sociopath - Definition?  Love people to death and take their money!  It started over 20 years back when he hit me for $1200 for Nutrition Express.  In those days our contact lists were.... scratch my back (join my company and I join yours) to maintain YOUR LEADERS LIST...  YES... KEVIN suckered me!

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