This is a true report.  Read below as part of your pyramid scam training.  The first clue is that a good MLM company will not hit you for a “front end” load of products especially at the $3,000 level.  A good company will not hit you with “get rich quick” financial freedom by spending an outrageous amount of money.

This happens over and over again..... Good people like this get taken by scamsters and blame the whole network marketing industry because they made a mistake and got suckered into the company of crooks.

The Title of my Story, Here we go again.
Name Witheld
August 31, 2007

Dear Mr. Cook,

I appreciate everything you're doing to protect people like myself. Specifically my wife and I, we're retired on a fixed income. I got involved with network marketing for supplemental income. Wow, what I have learned in the past 12 to 18 months has been quite an experience. This first thing that was brought to my attention were what are called doubters, lost $1500 in four weeks. The next long term investment was CEC and Reality Millions, both sites are down, so I'm out another $4,000. Then my golfing partner told me about a situation for $50.00. An organization called Financial Freedom Unlimited, Inc. I figured, how could I get hurt for $50 bucks. The fellahs who ran the Company seemed to be good guys, a little difficult to understand, however, they presented a plan that seemed like it would work. What my friend didn't explain to me was the fact that they were selling 10 Packs. In other words, I was asked to purchase 10 - $50.00 spots. The deal was I pay $300 and get the financial benefit of $500. I bought ten of them for a total of $3,000.00. I was wrong again and for the last time, let me explain further.

Last night, August 30th, on the Financial Freedom conference call, the President and Vice-President made an announcement that they shut down Financial Freedom Unlimited, Inc. as a result of legal advice from their attorney. Then in their next statement they began making reference to their new Company Total Care, Unlimited, Inc. I would like to know where the $6,150,000, that's six million dollars, went to. I know that the boys have a good heart, however, I tend to believe that their pockets are full as well. I couldn't understand what they were making reference to about their new healing products that they claim will cure cancer and a number of other diseases.

Editor's Note For MLM Detective Training: This is the sad part below!

My wife made me promise to quit network marketing and she also requested that I not sign my name to this letter. She doesn't want our good names placed on the Internet. I'm sure you can respect that. You and I have similar backgrounds; I'm former military as well. This has given me a chance to vent my frustrations and the hurt from financial disappointment. Again, I'm writing this letter not to diminish any particular individuals reputation, I just don't want to see innocent people loose the kind of money that I have. Maybe you can do a special in your column. You don't need to mention names or the Company involved, just your experienced advise so others won't make the identical mistakes. I'm thankful for your efforts to protect the public. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely and Respectfully - A Retired Networker Forever


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