Quorum - Hot new Deal Hitting the streets  with revised history!

I have some IMPORTANT news to share with you. Before I explain, let me give you a little history so you understand what is happening. In 1991 a consumer electronics company called QUORUM INTERNATIONAL was formed in Phoenix, Arizona by Mr. Raymond Hung and Mr. Marty Matthews that broke all the records for growth and new product introductions. Quorum grew to over $300 million in annual sales in three short years expanding into 16 countries and growing to over a million distributors.

Ed Note: All true, including setting up contributing factors to the downfall of Success Magazine, who whole-heartedly endorsed Quorum.  The paragraph forgets a few things -- read on!

I was fortunate to be introduced to Quorum International in early 1992 and experienced the explosive worldwide growth. During the next six years many, many millionaires were created, I was again fortunate to be one of those people. In fact, I was the top income earner - making over $6.5 million with an organization that spanned the globe with over 400,000 distributors in my organization alone. Over 1.2 million distributors worldwide.

Ed. Note:  Yep, with all the old "Front End Loading " that came over from NSA I bet you did make that money flipping out the $5000 Executive packages.  Trouble was that most of the packages sat in Garages.  Quorum had a great house alarm!  Throw it in the refrigerator, open the front door and it would go off!   Just one problem!  It was at the $450 range with the add-ons.  The average MLMer could no more sell it than the man in the moon!

In 1997, Quorum International USA had filed for Chapter 7 times were tough. The consumer electronics had been "knocked off" and were in every discount store in the country. Distributors checks went down to nothing and many left for greener pastures. Raymond attempted to revive Quorum but it was too late in late 1998 it closed and Raymond went back to Hong Kong. Little did we realize that Raymond Hung has never given up. He continued searching for a UNIQUE CONSUMABLE product and that would again catapult Quorum into the record books once again.

Ed. Note:Yes, the little hand held alarms at $25 sold like hot cakes (to quote Raymond Hung) but they were easy to copy and sell in discount stores.   Meantime most distributors were looking at that pile of $450 house alarms gathering dust in the garage!  They were looking at top dogs making $1-$2 million and saying "I think I have been had!"   Consumer electronic companies never spun off the main item, the house alarm!  Period zip zero, just the hand held and "bike" alarms.  So quit the B.s.
Now, another unique front end load with a $450 dust collector?

The WatchDog helped people file complaints to get some of the piles of dust collectors out of people's garages and listened to the uproar as distributors piled over to TPN.\\

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