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His Lie? The People at the Top Make All The Money....  In All MLM's and NetWork Marketing Companies - In Brown for B.S.

Reply: Blue MLM Watch Dog  To Email Sent By MLM - Critic - Basher!
From:    <<<<<MLM Critic to Rod Cook
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2005 10:36 AM
Subject: Re: MLM critics - bashers committ FRAUD! <<<Rod's reply

Larry, your supposed in-depth MLM Critic research that determined, "only the people at the top of an MLM genealogy make any money." Is a flat faced lie - not even a good bluff!  

How did you do the research?  Walk into an MLM Company and say, "I am an MLM critic....let me see your company genealogy."  Fat chance! Any company would do that, a genealogy is the top secret lifeblood of the company.  That genealogy is also worth $50 a name, on the street, to illegal name brokers!

Rod Cook: I know that your statement you sent is a lie! You make a broad statement with no statistics.   Don't worry I am not mad at you!  I find so many liars and fibber in the MLM - Critic - Basher crowd I consider it as a normal psychological abberation on your part.

As far as the rest of your statment I hardly agree.  You said, "From what I have researched, many MLMs run recruiting schemes in order to sell their product, making only the company and the few Big Hitters at the top of the pyramid a lot of money."

Rod Cook: So your research is a lie if you have not studied the genealogies of at least a hundred companies.  It sounds like to me you are a student of John Taylor MLM critic - basher that never reveals the source of his research for his fraudulent claims.

Your statement, "If it weren't for a broad legal definition, many "legitimate" MLMs would be shut down. They are nothing more than glorified pyramid schemes." 

Rod Cook:  FRAUD ALERT! This statement proves to me that you are parroting the fraudulent statements of John Taylor or Robert Fitzpatrick.  I refuse to use Phd. behind John Taylor's name because to get a Phd. you are supposed to prove integrity in your Doctoral Thesis.  To lie like he does using his "secret" research is academic fraud.

End of Reply to a fraudulent Email
Rod Cook

The accusation Larry (or was it the MLM critic fraud researcher John Taylor) It may happen in SOME MLMs but not that many.... I have been in too many good company genealogies to know that the premise you just presented is totally false....   Pyramid Schemes, yes, absolutely, but you don't  know the difference!

Living example! In 3 companies I was a top earner. The companies were established companies and I was at the bottom of the heap. In a short time I was the top earner the bottom of the heap. Now that has happened 3 times. Understand that complans (the ones that last) have depth limits to them. Each time I generated $$ millions in sales volume the "Guys At The TOP" did not get a cent from my efforts!  Why?  Generally just the first five or six levels above me made money. NONE of us "moved" to the top of the pay plan. We were still at the bottom of the plan.  A true MLM company sales force is Diamond shaped (not pyramid).  I just put a big bulge in the bottom of the Diamond and changed the shape.  P.s. a money game pyramid is pyramid shaped read below.

I can cite over a 100 (and probably dig out another 1000) other cases where the top earners in the company were not at the top!   In rare - rare cases I know newcomers that were strong builders at the bottom of the plan that were moved to the top so they could motivate and train the whole company.

It is a fallacy and misconception  that ALL PEOPLE AT THE TOP OF A PLAN MAKE THE MOST MONEY.  I know some people at the top of plans that are not making, "beans" for income. Some companies they do for sure, but to say ALL COMPANIES is totally completely FALSE! In fact I may do a study on it on the MLMWatchDog.  Thanks for the nudge to get me to write this article. I am starting an MLM is good section on the WatchDog and put MLM - Critic - Basher  B.S. like this fallacy to rest.

Before you go any further in your so called research switch your focus to the MAJOR factor the FTC uses when slamming pyramids to the ground.  How many customers does the company have?   It is a money game!  If a product or service can't be sold to customers it is probably a  pyramid scheme.

Rod Cook
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