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Other universities have offered certificates in Network Marketing.  In pursuit of prac,ticality Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS is now offering a degree in Network Marketing. In short, an MLM college degree!  Great!

“Entrepreneurs have not been taught how to correctly use network marketing,” said Robert Carlson, the chair of the business program, in a statement. “This has led to many using unethical, unsustainable, and nonproductive network marketing business models. We want to fill the education gap and teach students how to use the foundations of servant leadership to successfully and honorably operate a network marketing business.”

Yahoo Study: 2/3rds of All Word-of-Mouth is Positive MEANING MLM – NETWORK MARKETING WORKS!

June 2010 -If you run a small MLM-Nework Marketing business, chances are really good that you rely heavily on word-of-mouth to grow your MLM business. Even Web reviews or recommendations from happy customers to their friends, having good things about your business spread as far as possible is a key to Networking succes.

Yahoo has published a study that offers a couple stats that are worth passing along regarding word-of-mouth marketing. Specifically, the study confirms what others have reported before — the vast majority of word-of-mouth is positive. According to the Yahoo study, 66% of brand references in WOM conversations are positive and only 8% are negative.  So we now have proof that Anti-MLMers are a small majority! So we now have several pieces of statistical evidence that over 80%  Word Of Mouth (WOM) is positive.  The Yahoo study reported that WOM is growing while TV, print and point of sale are not!  MLM IS GOOD!

Much of the rest of the study is promotional for Yahoo’s advertising services, but if you want to have a look for yourself at the data, here is the link in fact the PDF would work good on your marketing website SAYING MLM IS GOOD! >  http://advertising.yahoo.com/insights


INTRODUCTION By Ted Riley Educator
There are so many small business opportunities out there it can be very hard to tell a scam from a good way to make money. The Internet seems to have generated more scams than honest business opportunities, but you can turn the tide against scams and learn what is legitimate from illegitimate almost at a glance these days. (If you are armed with the right information!)


The most common of the scams these days seem to be the MLM companies around. Many MLM companies offer a legitimate way to work from home but they are given a bad name by the ones that are involved in the pyramid style of business (would you spend the money if there was no chance to make money) that has been in existence for probably as long as the existence of curreancy.


The way to tell them apart is very easy and it is done by looking at whether or not you are paid purely on the basis of getting more people to join the organization. If it runs purely on this principle it is a scam and it is also illegal.

In America there is an organization that was put together for the specific purpose of protecting the small business opportunity from people who are selling fraudulent ideas called the FTC. They have a list of all the scams that have been registered with them so it is a good idea to check any prospective business opportunity against their data base of frauds so that you don’t catch this after the fact. Most countries have an equivalent of the FTC. For example, in Australia, it is called the Department of Fair Trading. It is just a matter of finding the one in your locality and getting in touch with them.

Most scams for the small business opportunity work on the principle of over charging for a particular good or service, so it may be helpful to compare what you will have to charge to make a profit with other types of companies that are providing the same or a similar good or service (if the quality is the same some strong arguments are made that MLM - Network Marketing products are better - research).

Others shaky home businesses target the work at home business with the idea of the investor having to outlay many thousands of dollars for an inventory of stock that the investor will have little or no chance to move in the foreseeable future. One way to get around this is to make sure that your small business opportunity only needs you to buy a sales kit or demonstration goods that are provided at little or no mark up from the cost incurred by the parent company.

The company that offers a small business opportunity without any form of training is also very likely to be a scam. A company that does not do everything in its power to make sure that all of its members are capable of making the company money is either incompetent or fraudulent, and either way you do not want to be involved.


There are also many websites that offer legal advice, not only about the small business opportunity, but every facet of home business, and you can access this information  at relatively low cost. These sites usually revolve around preventative law, so it is best to consult them before you sign any checks. One of the best is Rod Cook’s MLM Watchog. It specializes in the laws which govern the most popular work at home business, the MLM.  MLM WATCHDOG  This very helpful web site to find a good MLM company is the  This site is dedicated to letting people know about the home business scams that are new to the market and they have warnings posted often before any government agency can do anything about a scam.

About the Author:

Ted Riley is an educator interested in teaching others on the benefits and rewards of having your own home business. http://www.grandmabiz.com/

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