These are some of my favorite companies because I have had time to watch them for Distributor care and fair dealings. Does the WatchDog belong to them?  Yes and no - I get products from most of them as a customer.  Why?  These MLM Companies provide superior products in some fashion.  The big thing I look at no major terminations of distributors/compensation plan theft..... or the past Company Executives were fired and ran off for messing with Distributor Rights.
UP DATE September 2006

Integris still pumping out great sales volume with the top arthritis formula in the industry.  It has more customers than distributors. Not a boomer but growing and most companies would kill for this sales volume.  Their CEO is a strong leader in industry.  They are now almost 6 years old

Isogenix collected a chunk of top leaders when USANA terminated them.  Weight loss program popluar.  Sales volume up.  The only question about them is that several of the top leaders have ask them to promote Distributor Rights.  They should with a good record but why not.... so?

Legacy USA
Research makes it more powerful than other companies with similar Immune products on the items on the market.   Your editor takes Immune 26 mixed with an Isogenix meal shake for lunch in the winter. 

Life Force
This is still a growing company with a strong product.  People swear by it.  It makes sense we evolved from the sea.  It was the first of the new wave of functional foods in a liquid!  Good management.   Comp Plan is compressed, some love it!  Good starter program with Good Product.   They are now over 12 years old.  Supporter of Distributor Rights

Soma Life
Great anti-aging products well research with Internal Advisors being founders of  an International Anti-Aging Medical research Associations.  Respected world wide on their Medical Anti-Aging research.  Products are formulated with top quality ingredients.  Two of my favorite leaders are in the company:  Karen Justice (Barracuda in Bunny Slippers) and Venus Andrecht.  Both of world wide fame.  They are now over 7 years old.  Supporter of Distributor Rights

Started by "Big Al"  Tom Schreiter who is Chairman of the Board.  Has the best non-temination policy  for distributors in the industry (Supports Distributor Rights).  Excellent well formulated products (Limu Plus is a Boomer) and experienced management.   A best pick for new company and training support for 2003-2004.   They are now over 3 years old.

New nutritional  boomer because of scientific studies and the Xango juice tastes good.  The product line is expanding. The company Execs, starting with the CEO, are well versed in the industry and have good common sense.  The entire management team has massive credentials.   They are visionary............ looking far to the future and a long life.  Supports Distributor Rights!
Fastest growing company in the world! They are now over 2 years old.

Strong products. One of the strongest supporters of “Nutritional Rights.”  Doc Wallach owner constantly submitting nutritionals to the FDA for right to tell truth about them.  Examples are Omega 3 and Selenium for which the company receives no competitive advantage.  One of first supporters for Distributor Rights due to Doc being terminated by “Soaring Eagle” (which he sued and won the company).  Steve Doc’s son runs company does not take CEO title – goes by GIC (Guy in Charge) which says a lot about functional ego management!

Are there others I am partial to: Yes - too many to list!

FULL Disclosure: Thru the 60's - 80's The WatchDog probably belonged to over 200 MLM Companies!  Why?  Because with no, MLM mazines (80's),   Internet, expensive phones etc......  Leaders joined each others companies to stay in contact.  It gave you "calling rights" on other leaders!  I didn't realize it at the time......  but, it gave me a GREAT education!   I learned complans frontward and backward so that by 1985 top guns were paying me (as a consultant) to tell them what a new MLM company pay plan paid.  The MLM Watchdog....  was first published in 1985 (in the Golden Opportunity Magazine) as a result of all the screwjobs in the MLM Industry.

Later into the 90's we belonged to over 100 companies as a distributor or the NEW thing a Customer as computers made this possible.  Today we belong to over 38 companies, some of which are listed above.  The last I did anything was 1993.  After that was I working any.....  no...  But, sure got to see lot more screw ups especially as Executive VP of several companies I was called to to help salvage.   Your WatchDog Editor has been ran over by more MLM Trucks......than anyone in the MLM Highway.   Wisdom comes from experience, experience comes with pain.........  I don't want to suffer pain.


"Mediation Not Termination"


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